IMR Education(所在地:The Winch 3rd Floor, 21 Winchester Road, London, NW3 3NR、現地責任者:白間志乃)は、自立して学習できるようになる夏期講習を2024年7月に開始します。

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夏休みは子供たちにとって自由な時間が増える一方で、保護者の目が行き届かないことが多く、しっかりとした学習リズムを保つのが難しい時期です。IMR Educationは、そんな保護者の悩みを解消し、子供たちに自律性と効率的な学習の重要性を教えるために、オンラインでの個別指導夏期講習を企画しました。このプログラムは、特に英語学習に重点を置き、将来海外での学業や転校、帰国子女の受験対策を考えている中学生に最適です。


- **きめ細かなフィードバック**:
- **個別指導によるオーダーメイドの教育**:
- **無料コンサルテーションと体験授業の導入**:


サービス名: IMR Education夏期講習
提供開始日: 2024年7月
料金   : オンライン夏休み完全個別指導特別価格7,500円 (通常8,460円)


企業名: IMR Education
現地責任者: 白間 志乃
所在地: The Winch 3rd Floor, 21 Winchester Road, London, NW3 3NR
設立: 2015年1月
事業内容: 未就学児〜高校生への教科指導、大人向け日本語・英語指導、教育コンサルティング、教材開発、研究
資本金: £2000
TEL:TEL:+44 (0) 20-8001-9766(日本語での対応が可能です)


A summer to build confidence in English! Special summer courses for junior high school students start in July

IMR Education (Address: The Winch 3rd Floor, 21 Winchester Road, London, NW3 3NR, Local Manager: Shirama Shino) will start a summer course in July 2024 to enable students to learn independently.


While children have more free time during summer vacation, parents are often not able to keep an eye on them, making it difficult to maintain a solid learning rhythm. IMR Education has planned an online summer course to solve such parents' problems and teach children the importance of self-discipline and efficient learning. This program focuses on English learning and is ideal for junior high school students who are thinking about studying abroad, transferring to a new school, or preparing for entrance exams for returning students.
Some people think that it is enough to start with a private tutor or cram school in the third year of junior high school, but in our experience, it is best to start in the first year of junior high school. The start is important for balancing club activities and studies, and serious English learning also begins in the first year of junior high school. In order to keep up and maintain good grades, we believe it is desirable to start extra learning from the first year of junior high school.


- **Detailed feedback**:
We provide regular feedback on your progress and attitude to help you with your summer learning rhythm.
- **Custom-made education through individual instruction**:
We provide a learning plan tailored to your needs through fully individual online instruction.
- **Free consultation and trial lesson introduction**:
Through trial lessons and prior consultations, we deepen mutual understanding between students and teachers to create the best learning experience.
Online is the norm, but for those living in London who wish to attend the school, face-to-face lessons are available at Swiss Cottage in North London.
We always have time for feedback after lessons, and parents are asked to send in homework in advance. Not only children but also parents are actively involved in lessons.

Service Overview

Service Name: IMR Education Summer Course
Start Date: July 2024
Price: Special price for online summer vacation individual instruction: 7,500 yen (usually 8,460 yen)
Details URL:
For additional materials and brochures regarding the educational program, please contact us via the inquiry form on the following website.

Company Profile

Company name: IMR Education
Local Manager: Shirama Shino
Location: The Winch 3rd Floor, 21 Winchester Road, London, NW3 3NR
Established: January 2015
Business: Subject tutoring for preschoolers to high school students, Japanese and English tutoring for adults, educational consulting, material development, research
Capital: £2000
TEL: TEL: +44 (0) 20-8001-9766 (Japanese support available)